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Square Peg Design
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to see just a few samples of how we have helped our clients with their creative needs.


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A retail decal for the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor. “The catalog and product designs created for us by Square Peg Design have generated increased sales and interest in our organization. SPD created a look and feel that has greatly coordinated many of our products and published materials.” –Olga Herbert, Executive Director

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Check back soon for project details.

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Instructional illustrations of fishing lure hook-setting techniques.

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General use illustration for Square Peg Design.


Perfect light and unique angles, vivid color and monotone, microscopic and panoramic.

These are all words that describe photography. By composing the perfect shot, showcasing your product or capturing a moment, SPD will meet your needs with our highly skilled photographers. Using wide-ranging techniques and styles—from traditional film to high-resolution digital images and digital editing—in studio or on location, we can create the look and feel required for your project.

to see just a few samples of how we have helped our clients with their photography needs.

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Customer product shown in macro detail, with simulated glow-in-the-dark feature.